Collaborate with your team in real-time on tasks and projects from the six inch real-estate of a smartphone.

BlueFlock best works on Tasks & projects that require:

'Real-time' Team Collaboration
Harnessing the power mobility, the BlueFlock App is exclusively built for smartphone use. Connecting with Teams, Collaborating on Tasks and Managing the progress of Tasks happen in real-time from the comfort of a smartphone.
'Unified' Mobile workspace
Updating on Tasks, Sharing of Documents, Managing progress of Tasks & Projects, or connecting with multiple teams across hierarchies, departments and geographies the BlueFlock App offers a secure, unified mobile eco-system through smartphones. Teams just need to connect to the BlueFlock App and collaborate on all Tasks & Projects in real-time with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
'Mobile' Task Management
Setting up the progress of Task Status, defining participation roles of Participants on a Task, viewing the progress of Tasks & Projects in a single snapshot view, getting automated updates on most important task of the hour... or getting a detailed Task progress and performance report; the BlueFlock App enables it all on the go on your smartphone and in real-time.
'Secure' Private Cloud
The BlueFlock App offers a safe and secure cloud vault for Teams that require a Private Cloud for their Team’s collaboration data. The team’s entire app data is automatically synced to the BlueFlock Cloud, which adheres to the highest standards of Data safety & security. Copies of all Collaboration Data is securely stored in multiple Data centers across geographies for highest redundancy and faster access of data. This data is only accessible to authorised team members through BlueFlock’s secure web portal.
'Instant' Data Search
All BlueFlock Team Collaboration Data is securely indexed and stored in the BlueFlock Cloud. Authorised Team members can access their Team’s Collaboration data neatly indexed against Task Goal, Media, Keyword, Participant Name and much; more from a secure BlueFlock portal.
'Real-time' Operational Intelligence
The entire Team’s BlueFlock App Data, like - Task Updates, Participant roles, File Updates, Status of Tasks and many more such critical operational data is securely synced and stored in the private cloud. This critical data is converted into intelligent actionable information in real-time using graphical performance dashboards and intelligent customisable reports. Authorised Team members can access this Intelligent Operational Analytics from a secure BlueFlock portal anytime and anywhere from any internet browser.